10 fun parks in Europe

Almost a hundred years ago in the United States began to build a theme around end-stations tram lines to ensure that they load passengers at the weekend. Today amusement parks around the world has become a prosperous industry and attract many visitors of all ages. Rambler.Travel has selected for you the ten parks in Europe that are worth paying attention to.

One of the main attractions of the Spanish coast of the Costa Blanca are built with complete disregard for world geography. From the Mediterranean area and direct access to in China, Polynesia or Mexico. For younger visitors the play area til, for the most desperate — crazy slide dragon Khan: fall down from a height of 49 meters and 8 dead loops at speeds of up to 108 km/hour.

Details: 6 themed zones, 30 rides including 6 roller coasters and 3 water descent. Nearby is a water Park.

An Outpost of American mass culture in Europe, Prim is the legitimate grievances of snobs and pure delight of impartial visitors. For boys, Wild West and pirate Adventures, for girls — Sleeping beauty’s castle and Alice’s maze for adults and a karting track, a flight simulator and roller coaster for the whole family — parades, shows and fireworks. And all this close to Paris. A whole day may not be enough.

Details: 5 themed zones, 34 attractions, including 4 roller coaster and 5 water drops.Nearby there are Park of Walt Disney Studios.

A neighbor of the famous Disneyland and the French response to American expansion: local hero comic-book heroes overseas cartoons. Parc Asterix competition with a famous competitor in some ways even wins, especially in summer when there is significantly less crowded than Disneyland, and numerous water rides pleasantly refreshing.

Details: 6 themed zones, 32 rides, including 7 roller coasters and 4 water rafting.

It turns out that the whole world can be built from the only construction material — a tiny parts of the famous Danish LEGO. It only remains to divide it into separate play areas for each age, and there is a children’s Paradise on Earth, then there is Legoland in the heart of Denmark .

Details: 8 theme areas, 43 attractions, including 3 slides and 2 water descent.

Traveling among the cities of arts of Northern Italy, it is easy to reboot the architectural and picturesque masterpieces. No wonder Stendhal lost consciousness in the walls of an Italian art gallery, and was forced to go to fresh air. To avoid Stendhal syndrome, need to clear my head beforehand. Take a break from the countless cathedrals and the time-darkened paintings best Gardaland on the shores of lake Garda, near Venice. Padua, Verona and Milan .

Details: 10 themed zones, 32 rides including 6 roller coasters and 3 water descent. Next to sea aquarium.

In the South‑West of Germany between Freiburg and Strasbourg is one of the most famous, largest and most visited amusement parks in Europe. Its name reflects the device: thematic area dedicated to the countries and regions of the Old world. Russia is represented by the racetrack, “Lada” space station “Mir”, the radio telescope and a trip to Siberia.

Details: 15 thematic areas, 54 attractions, including 11 water slides and 9 runs.

On the picturesque Bank of the Neman, near the Lithuanian town of Druskininkai. equipped Park for active pastime in the nature. Trails are on the ropes stretched between the trees and over the river. The difficulty varies, so you can always pick up an option on the forces and age.

Details: 10 tracks, 70 competitions, 18 of the trigger paths. Nearby Water Park.

The owners Park in the outskirts of Gothenburg, Sweden has managed to transform his establishment into a world famous stage. Here were the most famous stars of rock and pop music, it is enough to mention Ringo Starr, the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and ABBA. Concerts continue, so don’t forget to look below to check the schedule. Everything else is as it should be: the castle of fairytales, the hotel’s ghosts, roller coasters, shooting booths.

Details: 36 rides, including 4 roller coaster and 2 water descent.

Pine trees, flower beds, Lily ponds, green lawns — the Dutch, the Park is a wildlife area, has kindly provided numerous rides. At the same time become a magic authenticity and fabulous characters that are in abundance wandering along the Park paths. Children and so do not need to convince, but the adults begin to believe in fairy tales.

Details: 4 zones, 36 rides, including 5 roller coasters and 4 water rafting.

The zoo and the Park complement each other in a common area in the British County of North Yorkshire. It is inhabited by more than a thousand wild animals, mainly African. Often they are so close, side by side with rides, skating becomes like Safari. Not forgotten and Pets: they live on a farm that you can drive around on the tractor.

Details: 7 themed zones, 59 rides, including 5 roller coasters and 6 water descents.

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