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In this post we will talk about “Spanish Disneyland” Park Port Aventura. The Park is located near Salou, an hour’s drive from Barcelona. 6 is visited in Europe and the most visited Park in Spain. Every year there are more than 3 million people. This is a great place where it will be interesting to both adults and children.

I reached the Park by train. Here is the station in Barcelona, with trains to the Park.

The station has many volunteers who will tell you what you need to buy a ticket and how to get to the train. The road to the Park takes about an hour.

I recommend to allocate admission to the Park 2 days. This time is enough to visit the main attractions and shows, and to watch a night show closing time.

I stayed at the Hotel PortAventura.The entrance to the hotel

The Park is divided into 6 themed areas: the Mediterranean , Wild West . Mexico . China . Polynesia and sesame (Park for young children).

The size of the Park is great to explore all of it leisurely walking pace – you need a few hours.

Thematically areas are located at the queue of the entrance. First is the Mediterranean. In this area the fastest “roller coaster” attraction Furios Basco. He picks up speed 135 km/h in 3.5 seconds. Before the trip, the staff asks you to empty your pockets

Also in this part of the Park is full of souvenir shops, restaurants and cafes. The Hotel PortAventura is located also in this part.

The next part of the Park – the Wild West. All the decorations made in the style of the Wild West, plays appropriate music and all this creates a unique atmosphere.

In the “Wild West” focus of classic roller coasters, and water rides – overcoming the rushing river with rapids on inflatable boats and many others.

Just 1 Euro you can throw water to people who swim in a mountain river.

In addition to the rides, every step of the way fun and entertainment is easier – various shooting ranges, hammers and other games.

Hot? You can freshen up in that trough

Next part of the Park – Mexico. The Mayans, Aztecs and stuff

In this part of the Park is one of the most popular and “scary” rides – the Flight of the Condor.

The closer you approach it, the louder the cries of the people On this post you raise to a height of 100 meters. Then suddenly, the truck breaks down and starts free fall at 86 meters. Then the truck suddenly brakes and stops.

If you scared then there is an attraction easier.

The next area of the Park – China.

Here is the famous attraction is Dragon Khan. At the speed of 100km/h it will carry you through 8 loops with a height difference of 70 meters.

Attraction is the highest in Europe – the height of 76 meters. The longest drop of 78 meters. Shouting here is not quieter than the Condor

After China is in Polynesia. The area dedicated to Tahiti and other Islands in the Pacific ocean. Here are so well matched plants, music and animal sounds that creates a feeling of stay in Polynesia.

Here is the ride Tutuki Splash. You lift the boat on top of the slides, and then you, together with the boat fall in the water with big splashes.

And lastly – children’s area of the Park is sesame. There are rides and entertainment for the little ones.

Important note about tickets. In the Park there are 2 kinds of tickets – regular and Express. Express is the more expensive tickets, like “queue”. But really, the place there is certainly present.

You buy the entrance ticket and you can ride all the rides for free. In the hot season ocheredi on regular tickets can be 3-4 hours at the attraction. For Express tickets, the queue will be 1.5-2 hours.

Next to each attraction costs a Bulletin Board, which displays the average time of standing in queues.

I want to tell about shows, which in this Park are many. In each thematic area are presented up to 10 different programs. The schedule can be taken in the hotel or in the Park.

After the show let me touch parrots

In the summer, every day, starting from 12 o’clock in the morning – it starts the show the Park closed. Definitely recommend to visit this show, and places is to take from 23.00 or earlier. The show takes place on a lake in the area of the Mediterranean.

Beautiful music, lights, fountains, fireworks, people on jet skis, giant and much more.

To get a General idea of the show – you can watch these videos. But of course, they did not convey the atmosphere that exists in the Park.

And on this promo video you can watch on all the rides, shows and scenery of the Park

Near the Park there is also a water Park. It stands apart from the Park and the entrance to it is on separate tickets.

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