Activ Natura Adventure Park

Activ Natura Adventure Park is a great Park for outdoor activities for children and adults. Here you can play laser paintball, go orienteering in the woods, climbing trees, artificial vines, learn archery, play table football in real value, to mountain Biking, ATVs, horseback, donkeys and much, much more. In addition, the Activ Natura Adventure Park has special programs for school and student groups and even corporate team-building classes.

Activ Natura Adventure Park is 40 kilometres away from Barcelona and is a true Paradise for active holiday in nature. And like here, really, both adults and children. You can come here with your family, bring student groups to organize events and conduct classes on teambuilding for the whole team. Leisure options here are so numerous and varied that you may not be enough even the whole day. To stop, by the way, the nearby town of Santa Susanna, which is just a couple miles from the Park.

Laser paintball in Activ Natura Adventure Park

Laser paintball is built on the principle of conventional peytbol or technola with the latest developments for military exercises. Firing is the infrared rays that are absolutely safe, painless, and will not stain your clothes,so you can play it without special protection and masks. If you “killed” your gun just stops shooting and you are out. Laser paintball can be played even children as young as 8 years old. There are many different missions and game options.

Price: 28 € for 2 hours for every player over the age of 16

22 € 2 hours for each player under the age of 16

The orientation in the Activ Natura Adventure Park

Here, you’ll need the skills of reading maps, land navigation, use of compass and desire to explore unfamiliar places. Participants are given a map and various tasks for points, which they must find with the help of compass, maps and other navigation AIDS. There are 5 different missions to choose from.

Prices: 12 € per game per person

Adventure through the treetops in Activ Natura Adventure Park

Who are the children and maybe even adults, didn’t want to ever feel like a monkey and I haven’t been home or cottage on doors, cabinets, fences, etc. In Activ Natura Adventure Park you have a real opportunity to climb on trees, vines, various cables and ropes, performing interesting tasks. There are different routes for children and adults and a lot of missions to choose from. Children here from 6 years under adult supervision and with 15 years independently.

Prices: from 10 € to 28 € depending on route and age group

Archery in Activ Natura Adventure Park

Here you will learn to use one of the oldest weapons of mankind. A lesson in archery is an incredible emotional and physical experience that you will remember for a long time.

Prices: 12 € per person per lesson

Table football in real value in the Activ Natura Adventure Park

Under this strange name hides a version of the popular game “table football”, only instead of plastic players, that play here the people themselves and all this, of course, in real value. Players are attached by Velcro to plastic tubes and slide from side to side in the fight for the ball. At first it will most likely leave you pretty ridiculous, but fun you be healthy!

Price: 150 € per person per hour of play

The mountain Biking in Activ Natura Adventure Park

The Park allows all fans of extreme sports to enjoy an excellent “walk” on a mountain bike. There are like 2-3 hour trips one-day or even multi-day trip with an overnight stay in tents and food with fire.

Prices: from 25 € / person

Quad Biking in Activ Natura Adventure Park

Also for lovers of active recreation, there is the opportunity to ride an ATV in the local forests and jungles. For short journeys you don’t even need a driver’s license, so to participate in this can children, from the age of 12.

Prices: from 20 € per person

Riding horses and donkeys in Activ Natura Adventure Park

For fans of quiet rest on the nature of the Activ Natura Adventure Park offers rides on horses and donkeys to the local beauty. Children can take a pony, and then another stop by the farm and see domestic animals.

Price: 21,50 € per hour tour

In addition to the above, this wonderful amusement Park outdoors offers a variety of group programs for children and adults, intensive classes, psychological trainings, team building programs and even a special “day of survival”. If you love sport and active rest in an almost protected areas, then without a doubt go here and pick the best fun.

Opening hours: July-August daily from 10:00 to 20:00

September-June Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00 to 18:00

weekdays by appointment for groups of 10 people

How to get there: from Barcelona on the Renfe train station of Santa Susanna. From the station by prior arrangement, the Park organizes transfer

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