Amusement Park Europa Park

Amazing amusement Park Europa Park, bringing together in a small area many States of the continent, is located in the heart of Europe, in the city of Freiburg, near the famous Spa resort of Baden-Baden, where the borders of Germany, France and Switzerland. Only here guests have the incredible opportunity to circumvent the whole of Europe one day and visit the UK and Spain, Austria and Greece, Holland and Russia, the Scandinavian countries, and touch the variety of the wonders awaiting visitors to the Park every step of the way. Unique attractions, theater performances, a great show, gourmet restaurants and classic cafes, luxury hotels, attractive shops and thousands of various unexpected surprises — all this is irresistible charm of “Europe Park”.

The Park opened its doors to visitors on 12 July 1975. All miniature Europe, divided into 11 theme areas, located on an area of 65 hectares. Each country in the Park stands out for its original attractions, colorful features that emphasize its differences and reflects most attractive side. In Italy, guests will find Baroque palaces and Venetian carnival, Spain — flamenco show and jousting tournament in England — samariterstrasse the globe theatre, and in Russia, visitors will find the space station “Mir” and the traditional Russian village.

Multi-faceted Park, sparkling and changing every second, causing guests to dive into your magical world, charms instantly, optiva her charms both adults and children. Welcoming visitors at the entrance of the Euro-Maus and elephant Euro-Fan escorted those peaceful, full of romance of the Palace Park, where stands the ancient castle of Valtasara, erected in 1442. Through the gates of this half-magic fortress that hides most incredible secrets and unbelievable hoaxes you find yourself in a world full of wonders, where they will meet fantastic creatures, visit these amazing places, like Chocolate or Adventure, ride the fastest and tallest in Europe “roller coaster” attraction “Silver star” or will sweep through rushing waterfalls and treacherous whirlpools “Norwegian fjords” of Scandinavia.

The Park is open from 5 April to 9 November daily from 9:00 to 18:00. and also on Christmas and new year holidays from December to beginning of January. Entrance tickets for one day — 25/22.EUR 5, – for two days — 45/41.5 EUR for adult/child up to 12 years.

You can get here conveniently by train from Frankfurt to Offenburg or Lara (2 hours, EUR 50/25 adult/child 6-14 years), then a bus to the Park.

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