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When it comes to families with children, most parents usually loses its preholiday enthusiasm and immediately and automatically rejects many of the desired activities. For example, few who are willing to take the risk and go with a year-old baby abroad. The difficulties of the road, acclimatization and many other real and imaginary problems are perceived as something absolutely irresistible, and every trip seems a risky gamble.

However, if you look at the experience of parents of European countries, we will see that vacation even with infants for them, the phenomenon absolutely natural. However, it is better to begin to travel when the child will be made all the basic vaccinations (after six months).

Relax with the whole family much more interesting. The parents can be free from worrying about her baby, left in the care of grandmothers. Especially now that many hotels in the world provide the perfect environment for families with children of any age. And playgrounds, nannies and caregivers, and a special children’s menu, and cots, and rental of wheelchairs – you can get it all there. Thus, the number of unsolvable problems and difficulties is significantly reduced.

During the journey, with a child under one year, one of the main problems is the problem of flights. For the baby is kalinyaprak. Today, many aircraft are equipped with baby cots for infants which allows you to make the road more comfortable. This can be clarified in advance when purchasing tickets. To relieve overloads during take-offs and landings to give the child to drink something sour SIPS, when breastfeeding, simply to feed her baby. In any case, it is better to choose resorts, flights which will not be too long.

Many parents are afraid of the phenomenon of acclimatization, especially when it comes to winter travel to warm countries. So she was easy, doctors advise a week or two before departure to start to give the child a course of multivitamins and toning drugs. On the first day it is better to refrain from swimming and return in the cold winter, should hold the baby a few days at home. However, if you decide to stay in a non-usual climate with your little baby, its duration should be not less than two weeks.

Best suited to countries with a small difference in day and night temperatures close to normal humidity. For families with children well suited to countries such as Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro. You can also go to the Crimea, on the coast of France, to the Islands of Greece, to Spain.

Ski resorts today are well prepared for rest with kids. However, it is better to go there after all with children under the age of three years. Then the parents will be able to ride until their child will learn skiing in a special children’s group with English speaking instructor, or engage in the games room. One of the best ski resorts for families with children is the Austrian Serfaus, which even have a themed children’s Park.

Older children a real gift would be a trip to one of the world famous theme parks. For example, it is possible to bring their child in French or Spanish Disneyland Port Aventura. For students there are special language tours, for example, in Malta or Austria. Child is learning, having fun, communicating with peers, parents can relax.

A lot of headaches parents bring charges in the road. What to bring and what you can do? Sometimes the baggage of a baby is several times greater than his own. Suffice it to say that a should take regular

baby food, at least for the first time, as well as the usual drinking water. Breastfeeding is simpler, only need mom to be careful when choosing a diet.

Not do without a core set of medicines – antipyretics and antihistamines. In hot climates will definitely need a sunscreen with high protection that will reduce the likelihood of burns to delicate baby skin. To the kid did not get bored, take the new books and his favorite toys.

The nuances in preparation for the holiday, of course, mass. All of them consider, perhaps, impossible. But this is not a reason to worry and to refuse travel. The main thing to remember that the holidays will bring pleasure to the kid, if his parents are calm and confident and wants to help his first discovery of this bright, wonderful world.

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