A huge Empire, created by Walt disney in the first half of the twentieth century, today includes, in addition to film and animation studios, a network of amusement parks in the United States and around the world, bearing the name “Disneyland”.

Thoughts on the construction of the entertainment Park for the entire family showed up at Disney for a long time, even before the Second World; playing with his kids, he dreamed of a place where they could entertain children and their parents, and the number of recreational opportunities would be much greater than they can be placed in the backyard.

Walt Disney visited many amusement parks around the world, eagerly soaking up ideas for your own Grand Park, noting the advantages and especially the disadvantages of the existing.

Originally, Disney planned to build Mickey mouse Park opposite his Studio in Berbente, California, but soon was forced to change their plans. In 1953 the specialists at Stanford University began to search the place for your future amusement Park near Los Angeles; the choice fell on the site area of more than a hundred acres near Anaheim.

July 21, 1954 construction began on the first Disneyland. Thousands of orange trees have been ruthlessly destroyed by bulldozer to make space for the realization of the fantasies of the famous cartoonist.

The money was kotoreishvili to seek for the construction of the brothers Walt and Roy Disney (worth to say that in order to collect this amount, the multiplier had to, for example, to sell your vacation home in palm springs), not enough to implement big ideas. Television ABC has invested in the construction of half a million dollars and secured the loan for another four and a half million in exchange for the right of possession the third part of the Park and profit in the next ten years. In addition, in October 1954, the channel also began showing disney television shows.

Disneylandpabxy to realize a Grand dream of Disney, and even in a relatively short period of time (the opening was planned for the next year), work at the site was conducted around the clock; by the time of the opening of the guests expected eighteen attractions.

Finally, on July 17, 1955, a solemn opening ceremony of a Park for the press and selected visitors, among whom were Frank Sinatra, kirk Douglas and Charlton Heston – were sent to several thousand invitation cards. However, visitors were much more – more than twenty-eight thousand people (a considerable part of the tickets were fake), and the television broadcast of the opening was watched by more than ninety million people.

Presentation of the Park was in full accordance with the famous saying about the first pancake. So standing within two weeks of abnormally hot weather has led to the fact that the asphalt was literally melted to such an extent that it linked the heels of those who attended. In addition, one of the rides was closed due to a gas leak. However, these “pesky little things” does not affect the huge interest for the next brainchild of Disney.

Despite the fact that the project multiplier was designed for people relatively wealthy – at least to get to an amusement Park outside the city, you had to have your own car – took just about two months since, the number of visitors exceeded one million people; about a year later the number of guests at the Disneyland resort grew to five, and a year later – up to ten million people.

After the death of the great cartoonist in 1966 for the management of an amusement Park came from his brother Roy.

Anuchinsky Disneyland, which since 2001 is part of the magnificent Disneyland Resort, was “the first swallow” – today the “green Empire” includes Disney theme parks in Florida, Hong Kong, Paris and Tokyo.

As conceived by Disney, his parks have become a wonderful place for both children and their parents; the rides are designed for all ages and take into account the diverse interests of guests – from fairy tales and pirate adventures to the history of the country. In addition to direct rides and attractions, it offers comfortable hotels, restaurants and of course many Souvenirs.

Since 1955, Disney visited more than half a billion guests.

Interesting facts about Disneyland:

In 1961, guests of Disneyland were Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi and the Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev in 1959 visit to the amusement Park was denied.

6 August 1970 to the Park infiltrated a group of protesters against the war in Viet Nam; Park visitors were evacuated, the police arrested more than twenty people.

One of the many “chips” Disney parks – the so-called “Hidden Mickeys”; stylized image of Mickey mouse, consisting of three circles, representing the head and ears of Mickey that can be found literally everywhere – there are even bushes in the form of the head of the famous mouse.

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