Dreams that come true

Don’t know about you, but for me one of the most alluring and captivating children’s dreams was a trip to Disneyland. and preferably for a few days. Charmed pink castle of sleeping Beauty, cheerful parades of Mickey mouse and friends, interesting attractions in the Kingdom of dreams. I think so many who grew up on the cartoons of Walt Disney studios. But, of course, back when we didn’t know that in the world there is not a single Park Studio. Today in the world there are 5 parks Disneyland and today I will tell you about what they differ, besides the obvious differences in location.

The oldest of the parks was opened on 17 July 1955 in the town of Anaheim, California in the United States. It was as though he recreated the world of cartoons and fairy tales, where children and adults can immerse themselves in the magic of history and reality to experience an unforgettable adventure. At the moment, the huge complex consists of several zones,”countries” to the Main street, reminiscent of the streets of the city in the Middle West: a World of adventure, recreating the impenetrable jungle; the Border country, where you can immerse yourself in the life of the Wild West; the land of make believe — habitat heroes disney cartoons; The country of the future — in a positive opinion on it;Area of New Orleans — imitation of the mysterious American city; Country animals — look at American fauna; Multan Mickey — like from the film “Who framed Roger rabbit?”. The ticket price for one day for an adult is about $ 80 and allows unlimited access to all rides. if you stand in the queue, of course.

DisneyWorld or the “world center of Walt Disney”, located in Orlando, Florida — 16 years younger than his older brother, but with confidence is the name of the most visited and largest Park in Disney world. On an area of 100 square kilometers in the past marshy territories settled besides the typical Disney parks the Country of fantasy, adventure Country and the Country of the future led to the Main street, there is the Colonial world and the town of Mickey mouse. By the way, the main castle of the Kingdom is not Sleeping beauty’s castle, as in California, and Cinderella castle. The brightest and most favorite visitors attraction — pirates of the Caribbean sea lapping against the shore just a short distance from the Park. The cost for the day is $ 90 but the price varies depending on the number of days of stay.

Europe’s only Disneyland Paris — the same famous landmark of the French capital, like the Louvre, Eiffel tower and arc de Triomphe. He is pretty young — there are only 22 years old, and was originally known as Euro Disneyland. In structure it resembles the California, but the Country of the future is here replaced by the Country of discovery and Country animals at all. Even the heart of the Park — Sleeping Beauty castle — there is almost no different from the American twin and Main street why-not French, but American. The French part of the Park is a Country of discoveries, recreating the world of Jules Verne. In 2002, the Park joined the Park-neighbor — Park Walt Disney studios, telling about the processes of creating films and showing the scenery. There is also a Golf Park and a hotel complex Disney village. In General, the Paris Park has more charm than the us, and has a subtle touch of European luster. 64 euros for the entrance on the day — and voila!

Now let’s go to Asia — or rather in Hong Kong which has incorporated the best of traditional China and the modern world of big cities. The Park is small — just three countries: Fantasies, Adventure and the Future. For the first 9 years of existence, the Park is not very increased in size, making efforts for quality growth. By the way, the Park is built taking into account Feng Shui and Chinese traditions, despite the already familiar Main street USA and Sleeping Beauty Castle. Entrance costs 450 Hong Kong dollars, or about 57 US dollars, it is understandable, because of variations entertainment here is much smaller than in the above mentioned parks, because he is the youngest in the “family”

The first Asian Disneyland opened in the suburbs of Tokyo in 1983 and is a little different from American, though not owned by the Walt Disney — owned Asian company is a franchise. Tokyo Disneyland and the Park-satellite Tokyo DisneySea is the only disney parks not owned by Walt Disney Company. The whole territory of Tokyo Disneyland is divided into 7 thematic areas: Country Animals, Country, Wild West Country Adventure Country Fantasy, City of Toon, the Country of the Future and the universal Market. Here, as in Florida, in the center of the Park is Cinderella Castle. Interesting in itself and the Park Tokyo Disney Sea — there are Mediterranean Harbor, mermaid Lagoon, Arabian coast, and the base of captain Nemo. All this is a pleasure to visit one of the parks — 6200 yen (about $ 60), but variations are possible, including an annual subscription to visit one of the parks or both.

I hope that now you know where to spend with the kids next spring break!

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