Visit the amusement Park “Europa-Park”

A few years ago, while living in Freiburg, I realized that not far from the city is the largest amusement Park “Europa-Park” (Europapark), and that we ought to visit it. The Park is located in rust, in the South of Germany. Largest he is 900.000 m? and is the second largest in Europe after Disneyland Paris. In the Park, in addition to numerous attractions, there are also hotels, restaurants, cafés, camping and even 4-D cinema.

The Park was divided into 16 parts, which, as already its name suggests, this Park is provided in the form of European countries: Italy, Holland, UK, France, Austria, Scandinavia, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Russia, Greece, Portugal and Iceland. Accordingly, the rides carry the character of the country in which they are located, and restaurants offer ethnic cuisine.

Ride all the rides in one day — not physically possible. First, a lot of them, and secondly almost every one of them need to stand in line. The higher, steeper and more dangerous than the ride, the longer the queue. For example, to ride on Silver Star, which is clearly the main attraction, in the queue need to stand at least an hour!

To schastlivaja never attracted me, and I chose the quieter rides. Most of all I remember the water slides and enjoyed a ride on a raft in the lake Is probably the most favorite attraction nervous and pensioners.

It was at that moment when I was ready to shoot, the ship took off mine, and I was completely drenched with water spray. But it was fun and since it was summer, after half an hour my clothes are completely dry, and left us a wonderful picture for memory

In addition to the rides along the way there are the puppet theatre, shooting galleries and very picturesque places. The Park also hosts a variety of themed shows. For example, in the Spanish part of suit of medieval jousting, in the Italian part of the show, acrobats and illusionists. This Park is so popular and loved that it even hosts the prestigious beauty contest “Miss Germany”. Since its inception in 1975, the Park was visited by 90 million people. I think this figure speaks for itself. Me in the Park very much, and I’m sure you too will love it!

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