Famous amusement parks

Last week its 160th anniversary celebrated Danish amusement Park Tivoli, situated in the centre of Copenhagen. I propose to make a trip to the beautiful and amazing amusement parks around the world. Yet virtual. And then – who knows?

But first, a little history. It is believed that the first amusement Park was built 430 years ago. It was a Danish “Bakken”, existing to this day. According to legend, the site was a healing spring, beside which he loved to relax by local residents. When people come here, and the entertainment industry: began to gather street artists, built the booths and Inns, the first rides.

Initially amusement parks with a carousel, comic statues and fountains monsters was entertainment for the nobility. By the way, the first mechanical roller coaster hill was built by the Russian engineer Andrei Nartov for king Peter I. So it’s only roller coaster we call “American” all over the world they are “roller coaster”.

In the nineteenth century in America, amusement parks began a kind of advertising campaign. On weekends, the citizens seldom go on the trams. Not to stand idle and not to suffer losses, the transport company decided to stimulate passenger interest, creating at terminal stations marshrutkami rides.

Originally the entrance was free, already then it became clear that such parks is an independent gold mine.

But, of course, the real impetus to the development of amusement parks gave the first Disneyland opened in California in 1955.

Now, after reviewing the theory, it is possible to go on a trip. In your rating I intentionally did not include the Parents – they deserve a separate article.

Parc Asterix, France

Park Asterix . located 30 km from Paris, is a kind of alternative Disneyland Paris. Universal instead of disney characters there is a French national heroes – in fact, Asterix and Obelix.

The Park is divided into six themed zones: Egypt, Ancient Greece, Roman Empire, Gallic village, Viking settlement and “journey through the ages”. There are water rides, at the “shores” which are Gallic village, you can be on a medieval street or watch a performance about the struggle of the Gauls against the Romans. And here are some of the biggest roller coaster in the world called “Thunder of Zeus”.

Europa-Park, Germany

Next to the miniature German town of rust is… all of Europe in one Park. Different areas of the Park represent different countries of Europe. In addition to these countries there are magical: Enchanted forest city of the gnomes, a witch house and Sleeping beauty’s castle, the Chocolate country and the World of the Vikings.

“Real” countries are represented by their characteristic features. For example, in Scandinavia there is a river for rafting with artificial fjords along the banks. Russia is represented by a wooden tower, a miniature replica of the Mir space station, the racetrack, “Lada”, Gum and the roller coaster. In most areas it is possible to try national dishes of these countries.

Just Park about 100 rides. The biggest, fastest and scariest of them is the roller coaster “Silver star” with a height of 75 meters and a speed of up to 130 km/h.

Port Aventura, Spain

Spanish Park Port Aventura, located near Barcelona. It is also divided into several geographically-themed zones: the Mediterranean, Wild West, Mexico, China and Polynesia.

In the Mediterranean, the most notable attraction the Furius Baco roller coaster ride (mad worm), accelerates to a speed of 135 km/h In the Wild West you can raft down the Grand canyon and take a ride on a wooden (!) slides with trolleys. In the Mexican tourists are attracted by attraction “Flight of the Condor” – a 100-meter tower with a free fall height of 86 meters. In China it is necessary to go on a huge roller coaster “Dragon Khan” with eight loops. Unless, of course, the vestibular system allows.

Legoland, Denmark

Children’s country, from the famous designer, located in the Danish town of Billund next to the factory “LEGO”. On its construction took 46 million multi-colored cubes. Area Minelandia entirely created from the constructor: copies of world famous buildings made of LEGO, LEGO ships and LEGO-mobiles. LEGO-mobile, by the way, you can go on Safari in the LEGO jungle.

The Efteling, Holland

This Park, located near Tilburg, appeared three years before the first Disneyland. But unlike the American fairy Kingdom is essentially and atmosphere of a European. Here in the magical forest inhabited by the characters of the old European fairy tales of the brothers Grimm, Andersen, and Charles Perrault. Four magical countries (Otherwise, Fabulous, Harsh and Kingdom journeys) live dwarves, fairies, witches and princesses.

Tivoli Gardens, Denmark

Well, finish the same since we started, today’s birthday boy – the Tivoli Park . According to legend, the Danish officer Georg Carstensen convinced the king to allocate land for the Park, noting that when people have fun, they don’t think about politics.

In my opinion, the most interesting attraction of this Park is the world’s tallest carousel, the Star Flyer, which offers a beautiful view of the city.

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