Ferrari World

Before visiting the Park Ferrari World is better to have Breakfast in advance or after the ride Formula Rossa will be ill advised friends. Then we had no idea of the scale of this Park, moreover, could not imagine that kind of attraction. Ferrari World — a theme Park dedicated to a car brand Ferrari, located on Yas island in Abu Dhabi .

The entrance to Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

In the East wing of the largest indoor theme Park in the world are the fastest rollercoaster, the analogue of which in the world. And the queue for this attraction is usually the biggest, but lucky for us, wanting to go was about 40-50 people.

“Get all of Karmana”, — told us the Park employee took the bag and gave them the number on hand. We got close to the high-speed ride in the Park another step.

Drove a trolley in the style of the racing car, — it was our turn. Then everything happened too fast to remember. The part I left out, some seconds stood, letting us enjoy the view, then took off and that there are forces rushed forward. Next thing I know, we were on the highest point of the roller coaster and began to fall down a few quick turns and the cart came into the room. Trolley Formula Rossa sweeps on rails in 30 seconds, and, for 5 seconds it accelerates to 240 kilometers.

The first couple of seconds his legs gave way, the head was a light mist, and her hair strayed to shreds in places where they were clamped elastic band for glasses (I advise girls to go with the ponytail). Adrenaline rush occurred.

Karting Academy: safety first

Karting Ferrari World is serious business.

After this you will have to watch a three-minute video in English, from which you learn that you can not drive on the highway in the scarf, not the RAM riders and how to operate the machine will tell you too. If you don’t know, look at the pictures. Then comes the dressing: racer jumpsuit and sneakers, and disposable balaclavas and on top of his helmet — mandatory attributes.

The race lasts ten minutes, during this time, time to get used to all the turns in the 300-meter track. After the race, you email Inbox will receive the table of participants with the time and your site.

Galleria Ferrari supercars and the roar of the engines

About cars I know exactly as much as needed to maintain a secular conversation: a dozen brands, types of racks and other stuff. Therefore the Ferrari Museum, which demonstrates interactively the collection of rarities of the brand, since 1947 and till today, I met with indifference, which cannot be said about the rest of the visitors. Although their rave reviews were hard to hear over the sound of the engines. To create the right atmosphere in the Park include the epic music, the sounds of racing cars.

The gallery presents the fastest and most expensive cars — supercars. Just the history of Ferrari had eight luxury cars in this Museum are 5 of them.

All Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is a little over 20 attractions, among which, besides the world’s fastest roller coaster, there are also less extreme. For example, a few rides on a 3D platform or walk around the huge layout of the V12 engine. In addition, the Park is equipped with a large number of children’s rides, zones and playgrounds.

Calculator: How much is a day at Ferrari World

Ticketing Ferrari World located to the right of the entrance

Entrance fee: 250 dirhams, or $68; Children’s — 205 dirham or $55

Child ticket applies to visitors, a growth of 152 cm and thus low growth will help you save in the Ferrari World. The entrance ticket allows to visit all the rides, except for the simulator travel for “Ferrari” ($25). And for a fee of $55 you will be assigned a VIP status that allows you to visit all the rides without Queuing.

VIP admission ticket: 450 AED or $123; Child — 365 dirham or $100

Do not throw away the entry ticket and wristband, they will need in order to get out of Park

In the Park opened a large number of shops. Flagship store Ferrari World Abu Dhabi offers all kinds of Souvenirs about the Park. There is everything from magnets and mugs to collectable pieces of real Formula 1 cars involved in the race.

Lunch at an Italian café in the Park:

Pasta $16 Caesar salad $15, vegetable soup $11 or a slice of pizza and juice $12.

Ice cream small and large $5 and $7 respectively.

Calculator for a family of 3 people:

Two entrance ticket for adults and one for child + ice cream + lunch + = $250

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