Ferris wheel.

In the Central Park of culture and recreation opened the Ferris wheel.

Closer to the sky. In the Central Park of culture and recreation opened the Ferris wheel. In height it occupies fourth place in Russia, with a height of 50 meters, you can see almost the entire territory of the regional center. One of the first new attraction was a ride our correspondent Alina Novoseltseva.

“And from the height of your hi-hat”! 50 meters in diameter Vladimir Ferris wheel. You can enjoy not only city views, but also the clouds. The attraction has its own name, which the city chose the Internet voting: “the Sky is 33”.

The Grand opening of the wheel took place! We are in one of 32 cabins. It’s rather warm, cozy Seating, and a panoramic view.

It all began with children’s drawings. Adelina Zubareva from the village of bol’shie vsegodichi drew his dream a year ago, on competition of school pictures. Her sketch was so pleased with the administration of the Vladimir region, they decided — Koleso Ferris is sure to appear in our city.

I wanted the Ferris wheel we had in the city. It Belavia dream.

Wheel design made with the latest technology. The cabin is completely closed. In winter there is heating, air conditioning in summer. Project cost — 100 million rubles, but the budget there is no money here, invested by private investors.

Four-drive wheel. In case of failure of one or even two drives, as the aircraft flies on two engines, our wheel will be on two drives to move absolutely comfortable. Electrical system in case of failure of electricity, disconnection of urban networks, installed a backup generator. Which is automatically included and allows all visitors to wheel safely pull.

It turns out that the Ferris wheel ride is not only comfortable but also safe. “Climb to heaven” today decided hundreds of citizens. Really, the attraction of this magnitude in our city.

I saw booths from the city, the clouds, and saw dad’s work.

-Very much, very good, good. — What did you see? -All Vladimir:Bottom Dubrova the Country — very cool.

Take a ride on the Ferris wheel adults can for 200 rubles, children — 150. By the way, the new attraction will work in the new year’s eve.

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