Ferris wheel resumes

From the Ferris wheel in the Central Park of the city of Vladimir “lift the sanctions”. At the Investigative Committee in the Vladimir region there are no claims to the owners of the attraction, which was abnormally stopped during the Christmas holidays. Leadership company “Tricolor” said the Zebra TV that, after receiving official notification from Sledkoma, ready to run the Ferris wheel after nearly 2 months of downtime this coming Saturday.

We will remind, on 1 January 2016 at 21:00 there was an emergency stop of the attraction. Rescue officers and employees of the carousel had to manually scroll through a giant wheel to evacuate from cabins riding citizens. Read more in the article “Heaven stood still”.

In fact, the emergency stop of the Ferris wheel investigatory Management of Investigatory Committee on Vladimir region assigned to verify the operation of the attraction was stopped.

19 Feb Sledkov issued an official statement, from which it follows that the owners of a Ferris wheel, operating the ride, no complaints – the problem arose due to the incredible combination of weather conditions.

According to the documents, the Ferris wheel can run at a temperature of minus 20 degrees. According to a local weather service at the time the emergency was ostanovilo minus 18 degrees, but humidity was up to 94%:

“According to conclusions of experts the reason of attraction 1 January 2016 was the engine failure due to a sharp drop in temperature in conditions of high humidity and the formation of frost on the drive sector. As a result, thermal fault motor protection tripped “.

In Sledkom state that has not established in actions of the owners of the attraction  signs of a crime under part 1 of article 238 of the RF criminal code ( rendering services not meeting requirements of safety of life and health of consumers ). By results of check made the decision about refusal in excitation of criminal case.

However, the lifting of the sanctions on the Ferris wheel will only be possible if the owners of the attraction of the recommendations Sledkoma manual for:

temperature mode – from -17C to +40 C (raising the temperature threshold of operation due to high humidity observed in Vladimir);

the attraction of technical equipment measuring instruments control air temperature and humidity and recording indicators in the log book.

Regarding the resumption of attraction “Tricolor” reported that, most likely, come take a ride on the Ferris wheel will be this Saturday, February 20.

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