Gardaland is the third in its popular amusement Park in Europe. It was built on the Eastern shore of lake Garda (Garda) in Italy (Italy). The Park was opened in 1975, has gradually expanded and is attracting more local residents and tourists. Every year Gardaland is visited by millions of people. Park Gardaland is the largest amusement Park in Italy.

The Park is located in the Northern part of the country. In the Park Gardaland families with children and people of all ages can spend a truly wonderful day full of wonderful impressions. Gardaland is located in Castelnuovo (Castelnuovo), a few kilometers from Verona (Verona). Due to the proximity of Gardaland / lake Garda holiday Park, there is a possibility to rent a boat to sail on the lake with a beautiful boat.

Gardaland attracts many visitors due to the fact that they can bring their Pets. Dogs must be on a leash, and if they are big – even with the muzzle. They can’t go with them to restaurants and to get on rides.

There are even rides that can be successfully used by visitors with disabilities — they are marked with special symbols. Specific recommendations from the Park staff will get pregnant women who want to enjoy entertainment.Some rides are only suitable for individuals who quite high — it is meant for children. under a certain age. There are also rides that are contraindicated for people with heart disease.

Gardaland is divided into three thematic areas. Extreme attractions are in the area of “Adrenaline”.

Favorite visitors attractions are in the area of “Raptor” (Raptor) – high-speed train a dinosaur!Blue tornado” is an attraction that is only for fans of extreme speeds.

Attraction called the Magic house(the Magic House) allows guests of the Park to see the world in new ways, and Magic mountain is a place that is just for fans of high-speed trains, which rise higher and higher making exciting loop. Among the other attractions in the area, the Adrenaline is there also Mammut(Mammut) and Sekvoya, adventure, with a four-level adventure.

Area which is more quiet is “adventure”. There you can visit four attractions – Glacial era, Corsair (I Corsari), Ramses (Ramzes) and jungle rapids (Jungle Rapids).

Suitable for the smallest area of Fantasy where they can freely play all day and visit the attractions suitable for children Canoeing (canoe Baby), (Baby Corsaro), Peter pan (Peter Pan), the Flying island(Flying Island) and other interesting attractions for children.

And Gardaland Park also has rooms for guests, so that they could enjoy a longer stay in our wonderful Park. It also has an aquarium with wonderful marine world. Visitors always admire the incredible view of sea lions and seahorses.

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