Gazprom became the main sponsor

Gazprom became the main sponsor of the amusement Park in Germany

Gazprom will be the main sponsor of Germany’s largest amusement Park “Europa Park” in rust (Federal state of Baden-württemberg, according to Deutsche Well.

In an interview with German news Agency DPA Director Park Roland Mack has stated that “Europe Park” signed with Gazprom the 5-year cooperation agreement providing for substantial sponsorship from the Russian gas monopoly. Information on the size of the transaction, said Roland Mack, the parties undertook not to disclose.

Currently a sponsor of the “Europe Park” includes Coca-Cola, Mercedes, Schöller and Kraft Food.

According to Roland Mack, after the founding of the “Europe-Park” 34 years ago “Gazprom” is the largest partner of the Park in the segment of advertising. For “Gazprom” cooperation with “Europa-Park” is the second volume of the advertising project after 2,5 years ago, he became the main sponsor of German football club “Schalke 04”.

“For us, as a medium-sized family enterprise is a partnership, cooperation with the concern of global significance is an important and decisive step towards growth, said Roland Mack. We hope that through this we will be able to attract new customer groups”. “Gazprom” and “Europe Park”, prodolzhilas, plan long-term cooperation. “Both partners believe their goal to continue the cooperation beyond the agreed period of five years”, – said the Director of “Europa-Park”.

In particular, “Gazprom” sponsors have already opened six months ago, the ride – roller coaster “blue fire megacoaster”. In the coming months, said Roland Mack, with the support of “Gazprom” in “Europa Park” will be built three-storey multifunctional hall with an area of 1.2 thousand square meters, in which the Russian company will deploy an interactive exhibition about energy and other scientific and technical topics.

These themes will be served to visitors in an accessible and visual form and will be an important illustration of such energy-intensive designs like a roller coaster.

In addition, the pavilion will be equipped with a Congress centre, two separate meeting rooms. In them “Gazprom” plans to hold events and presentations, which focused on economic projects. The pavilion will be open next spring – to the beginning of the 2010 season.

To the question about the amount of investments Roland Mack refused to answer. The representative of the German subsidiaries of “Gazprom” – “Gazprom Germania” Burkhard Slki said: “For such the world’s leading energy companies as “Gazprom”, “Europe Park” is a perfect partner to attractive way to present your brand.” For “Gazprom” quite attractive by the fact that “Europe Park” is actually on the border of three countries – Germany, France and Switzerland. “It gives us the opportunity to appeal to a diverse audience – people of different cultures, and to acquaint them with our enterprise”, – said the representative of “Gazprom Germany”.

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