Grand opening of the Park Disneyland in 1955

Early in his career, Walt Disney had a dream to build a huge Park next to his Studio to entertain visitors — a place where the whole family can have fun together. In 1953, he bought 160 acres in Anaheim, California. Two years later, after investing $ 17 million Disneyland Park was opened to the public.

The opening was shown on television. On opening there was only 6000 tickets, but a lot of people bought fake tickets; according to some estimates, the attendance was over 28,000, far more than the Park can accommodate.

Here you will forget today and enter the world of the past, future and fantasy. — THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY

The next day it was so hot that the newly laid asphalt began to melt. Strike of plumbers had forced Disney to choose between functioning toilets or running fountains. Disney chose the toilets. Some suspect that the lack of water was a ploy to sell more products Pepsi, the major sponsor.

Costumed actors preparing for the parade in honor of the opening.

But it was not the only problem during the opening… Quickly finished all the food and there was a gas leak, which was eliminated in the second half of the day.

Disney has faltered when reading ads. Walt tried not to pay attention to the complications during discovery, but later he and the guide had to spend effort, inviting the press to special events, to correct impressions about the Park.

The next day after the opening, many people still stood in line to visit the new Park. It was a success. by 1965, a new Park has seen over 50 million! So the parks began to open in other cities in Florida, Paris, Shanghai and around the world.

Today the Disneyland Park is a huge entertainment industry, under the management of The Walt Disney Company and is it a special sign, the embodiment of tales in a reality that can be seen not only children but also adults, everyone who believes in a fairy tale…

Children cross the moat in the castle at Disneyland.

The kids run into the Fantasyland castle in Disneyland.

Ronald Reagan together with other actors and celebrities at the opening of Disneyland.

For all of you who come to this happy place: Welcome. Disneyland is your land. There are adults relive memories of the past, and here youth can challenge yourself and look into the future. Disneyland is dedicated to ideals, dreams and hard facts that have created America, in the hope that it will be a source of joy and inspiration to the world.


It was hot and the actors were given a drink of water to quench your thirst.

Actor Steve Rowland and actress Kathleen Case and Adele playing games on the opening day of Disneyland.

Walt Disney, his wife Lillian and their daughter Diana have fun on the ride at Disneyland, shortly after its opening.

Actor Steve Rowland shows his strength. actress Kathleen and Adele watch.

Is being a child … You have not dreamed of flying with Peter pan in the moonlight in London, or get into a meaningless world of Wonderland Alice? These fantasies, these classic tales for children became a reality for people of all ages, now they can to participate. -WALT DISNEY

The crowds at the parade in honor of the opening of Disneyland.

California Governor Goodwin J. Knight, left, Walt Disney, right, and Virginia knight, wife of the Governor, at Disneyland on opening day.

Before the entrance to Fantasyland castle.

Disneyland is almost a sacred space where you can do a lot and safe to take risks, to imagine, fun to Express emotions, play and strengthen family ties. LESLIE LE PONT, “THE DISNEYLAND BOOK OF SECRETS”, 2 014

Police boy on Main Street Movie during the opening at Disneyland.

Walt Disney is smiling in front of the Fantasyland castle during the opening of Disneyland.

Disneyland will never end. He will continue to grow while there is still imagination in the world. THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY

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