In Cheboksary

In Cheboksary, there was an unusual rides “Dungeon of fear” and “Secret Wonderland.”


One only has to log in these winding corridors of the 300 mirrors as it starts to capture the spirit. Literally in the beginning you begin to feel the effect of the optical illusion, which is just a few minutes can capture your attention with its beauty and uniqueness.

After going through the maze quite a bit to lose orientation in space — all around begins to seem a crystal ball with many facets, each of which reflects you. Most interesting is that moving through these halls, you see multiple copies of himself running in different directions.

Go through this maze from beginning to end — no easy task: the highly polished mirrors are confusing, and sometimes just impossible to understand in any direction you move, or even see the turn. To be perfectly honest, it leads to a strange mixture of confusion, wonder and pure joy of children.

By the way, to find a way out of it — it’s not so bad, because then you need to pass it in the opposite direction, and this is a more complicated task.

Very different experience you get from Dungeons of dread .

Maze of fear is imitatewatch and horrible dungeon, where at any moment from another angle or rotation can happen anywhere.

Animate dead, severed limbs are considered a normal phenomenon. The action takes place in the shadows beneath creepy music. A visit to this attraction, unlike the Mirror is limited by age — strictly 13+. One thing’s for sure — so in your life you have never been afraid and all the other frightening rides can be forgotten.

In These dark corridors where very dark, there is danger at every step — to prepare in advance for fear you will not leave. You have the feeling that you have become the hapless protagonist of a horror film — so much adrenaline at a time in your blood.

And Yes, despite the fact that many people have strong nerves and scare them uneasy, ready to be honest in our dungeon scared everyone! But when you go out, the soul will become so easy and fun that even ten minutes you’ll just laugh with overflowing emotions. Sensation warranty will last for a long time and the memories will not help to get rid of and pack of sleeping pills.

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