Japanese disni-Rando

Japanese disni-Rando – best in the world, Disneyland!

As one of the main attractions is Tokyo Disneyland. In fact, this theme Park located in Urayasu, in Chiba Prefecture (Chiba), and it owes its name to Tokyo Bay, not the capital of Japan.

The Park was opened on 15 April 1983 and was the first Disneyland outside their native USA. Over time it has grown to Tokyo Disney Resort. Between the resort’s facilities laid monorail. Japanese Disneyland sounds like disni-Rando – and nothing else!

Japanese Disneyland once again convinced the world in the ability of the Japanese to create masterpieces, perfecting other people’s inventions. Of course, it is similar to other Disneland, but experts claim disni-Rando nepovtorim and unique! Italian. French, and even American Parents fade into the background of Japanese, although disni-Rando repeats the silhouettes of the pavilions and attractions (use brand). Annually to update the spent huge amount and paint in the Japanese Disneyland juicier, cleaner pavements, infrastructure deeper thought. Game to not work, and fun!

Disneyland Tokyo it consists of 7 parks: Adventure Country, World Bazaar, a fascinating Country of Imagination, a land of cowboys and red Indians – Western Lands,City of Cartoons, where you can meet all the famous disney characters, as well as Live Country and Land of the Future.

World Bazaar

“World Bazaar” is actually the same main street leads to Cinderella Castle, and Disney World (we wrote about it here ).

The main shopping artery of the Park, “World market” consists of two streets, the Main street connecting the entrance to the Park and Cinderella Castle, and its perpendicular Central street that leads to the “land of adventure”. Over the entire area, created in the spirit of American cities of the last century, stretched a giant awning to protect guests of the Disneyland in the rain.


“Strange adventure” consists of two zones — one of them reminiscent of old New Orleans, while the other reproduces a tropical jungle. Among the main attractions — the famous “pirates of the Caribbean”, Cruise through the Jungle on boat or room Tiki with Polynesian gods.

Wild West

It’s the Wild West in the middle of Tokyo Disneyland. The landscapes of the American West with artificial river on which the three-Decker steamer of Mark TWAIN. In the middle of the river is the Tom Sawyer’s island, which is accessible on a wooden raft. Of course, not without its classic roller coaster Big Thunder Mountain, where lightning train stylized as those that walked in the days of the Wild West.

Entrance to the “land of Fantasy” is the famous “Cinderella Castle”, and that this part of the Park devoted to rides for fans of disney cartoons — here and “the Flight of Peter pan”, and the puppet route, it’s a small world’, and ride the flying Dumbo the elephant, and some others, not less interesting.

The country of the future

With “Land of the Future” you fly into space on a magic missile. This part of Disneyland is dedicated to the more futuristic and high-tech rides like “Star tours” or “Space mountain”


City entirely populated by Cartoon disney “celebrities”. Here you can meet Donald duck, Chip and Dale, Mickey and Mini mouse, goofy and other characters. That’s what “toon” is populated, this city on Christmas eve:

Multan will especially appeal to all fans of the movie “Who framed Roger Rabbit?” They certainly will not refuse to ride on the Multan by car the legendary rabbit that is spinning like crazy.

Critter Country

The smallest part of Disneyland dedicated, in fact, one attraction — Splash Mountain — a wild ride in the boat-the beam among the landscapes of the American South and strange creatures.

In 2001, was discovered near Tokyo DisneySea . the theme is decorated in a nautical theme, and it was called Tokyo Disney Resort. The whole complex was created on an artificial land reclaimed from Tokyo Bay, and it’s another miracle!

Wild imagination of the Japanese is fully implemented in the fireworks show during night parades. The Japanese, using centuries-old experience (fireworks is an integral part of the culture of the country), has created a breathtaking sight.

At Disneyland parades in honor of the mass celebrations, such as Halloween, Christmas, New year. Events are accompanied by bright costumes, jokes, actors, music. In the evening, the fairytale amusement Park in Japan is not terminated. In all seven parks fireworks accompanied by music performed by the orchestra.

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