Like free access to German Disneyland?

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start tracking cheap tickets in advance – i.e. now!

The German nation tirelessly surprises me how she is able to create out of nothing and events, which every self-respecting Burger should definitely participate. It concerns all – from politics to entertainment.

Today we will talk about German amusement parks that attract weekend a huge number of people of all ages, families with children and tourists. After reading this review, you may be surprised to learn that near your place of residence or a place of tourist pilgrimage is one of the parks.

City square in the German city of Rostock

Or, maybe you even are planning to visit any Park during your next visit to the country.

So, here it is – hot seven amusement parks of Germany (or German Freizeitparks).

1. Tropical Islands, Brandenburg – Tropical island in Brandenburg – Europe’s largest tropical Park, where all the day basking on the sand at 26 degrees Celsius. The entrance ticket is 25 euros.

2. Phantasialand, Bruehl – Fantasticheskie in brühl – 100 rides in the German “Disneyland” waiting for their guests. The entrance ticket 31 euros.

3. Europa-Park Rust – Europa-Park offers a journey across Europe from Norway to Italy, including the national cuisine! The entrance ticket 31,5 Euro.

4. Legoland – Legoland – all in a miniature size in the performance of LEGO. Is an hour drive from the famous Neuschwanstein castle so you can combine a visit to both attractions! Ticket 30 euros.

5. Heide-Park Soltau Heide-Park in Soltau is one of the world’s largest roller coaster. The entrance ticket for 29.5 euros.

6. Movie Park Bottrop Movie Park similar to Bottrop Park, in which are gathered the characters of highest-grossing films. Ticket 30 euros.

7. Serengeti Park, Bremen – Serengeti-Park in Bremen – Safari length of 10 kilometers, where you will find very exotic for Europe animals. Entrance ticket 23 Euro.

And now the secret on how to get pleasure from these parks in our favorite way – for free? It is possible! The fact that many of them provide free entrance to those who celebrate the day when your birthday. Seven parks, – seven days of birth, and not have to think about a gift to yourself, beloved!

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