Minoan Fairy-Tale World

The concept of the Park: the Minoan fairy-tale world resort OUT OF THE BLUE, Capsis Elite Resort is new only in Greece such a Grand kids club entertainment area of 4 000 sq. m, designed for children aged 4 to 14 years .In the architecture of the Park is notable elements of the influence of Greek architecture of the Minoan period, and also present parts of the mythology associated with the history of great and famous palaces Knosos, Festos and Malia. Unique kid’s club is open to younger guests, the Park is ideal for children’s holidays. Our young travelers will be pleased to open the door to the fabulous world of Greek mythology, our club consists of a main building “of the Minoan Palace” with various game rooms and playgrounds in the open air,and a small pool, amphitheatre and labyrinth of the Minotaur.

Location: Minoan fairy-tale world, is located in the Western part of the Peninsula, close to the Eternal Oasis Bungalow suites and maisonettes, abundant blooming gardens. We invite you to feel the spirit of ancient Greece and become a part of the Minoan myths.

Catering to territorialise: Free during the day are sugary snacks, juices. ice cream,popcorn. For interested parents to offer the child a full lunch or dinner. a children’s dining room ,where on reservation you can enjoy lunch or dinner.

Services in the Park: – ticket office at the main entrance ( the sale of toys and sweets, as well as tickets for additional concerts for children, the club is open free of charge). – Gift shop: a Shop where visitors can buy Souvenirs from our Park Area with sweets and candies (inside the Park) – Snack bar (inside and outside): where children and their parents can enjoy light snacks, drinks, ice cream and candy.

Carousel built on the grounds of the Minoan mythology (indoors) – swimming Pool – Minoan Palace (open air): a Pool built in a lagoon in the middle is a copy of the ship Flissa the entrance to which is through the trembling bridge, simulating earthquake – kindergarten (for children and under the watchful care of professional babysitters) with Lounges and bathrooms adds up to 26 children (indoors) – Labyrinth (outdoors): a unique game with more than 20 interconnected rooms represented on the themes of Minoan and Greek mythology where the winner receives a “thread of Ariadne”, and the loser falls into the “jaws of the Minotaur.” – Specially equipped Playground for active play (crawling rope): includes two separate areas. For young children, indoors, and for older children – outdoors. Game for aesthetic development: Minoan themes (outdoor chess and outdoor monopoly game) – Inside the puppet theatre: puppet shows on themes of Minoan and Greek mythology, 3D cinema with the special glasses, etc. (can accommodate up to 50 children) – Outdoor amphitheater: built in the ancient motif of an amphitheater for puppet shows on themes of Minoan and Greek mythology (accommodates 80 children) – Archaeological game where children play the role of archaeologists in the excavation of treasure and puzzles. – Games room with balls: filled with lots of colorful balls. – Darts – Rodeo Room with various video games – Houses-trees where children can play Robinhood – Playground equipment Playground for children with sandbox, a Daily entertainment programme with actors, clowns and jugglers (except low season) – Evening entertainment programme (mini disco)for hotel guests

Amazing costumes Janis Mamsikova

In the Minoan Park will be presented amazing 2 costume wizard Janis Mamsikova. The male costume of the “Prince of Lilies” women’s costume “Queen of the Minoan serpent.” These two costumes were made by hand and are works of art. They will be on display in our Park. Janis Metzikof was born on the island of Crete, 1955. Studied fine arts at the University of Athens under the guidance of the famous painter Janis Morales and stage designer Vassilis Vasiliadis. As a decorator the stage, he worked in the National Theatre of Greece as well as in many independent theaters.Nursery Resort OUT OF THE BLUE, Capsis Elite Resort offers its guests a nursery / kindergarten for children from 1 year to 4 years on request and additional payment.

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