Moscow Disneyland

Will appear in Moscow “Disneyland” with a local flavor. It will be the largest island in the world.

Children’s amusement Park “dream Island” will be erected on the territory of Nagatinskaya floodplain South of Moscow. It is anticipated that it will be similar to Disneyland but with the national colors. What is our vision of the new Park when it is built, and how much will cost tickets.

Today the construction project of a total area of almost 300 thousand square meters agreed upon, the builders have already went to the site and carrying out preparatory work.

The Park will consist of five themed areas — sports, family, children’s, interactive and directly Park, where there will be gardens and an artificial lake. In Nagatinskaya floodplain will build a cinema with 20 halls (seven will only show cartoons), concert hall for a thousand places, a hotel complex and a children’s sailing school.

There will also be Parking for 3,8 thousand cars (their number is comparable with similar parks in Osaka and Tokyo, which are also located in the city centre). In addition, the Park will be built restaurants, cafes, shops, children’s goods, clothes and other. Since the “Island of dreams” will be one-story, most of the cafes and restaurants will be on “the mezzanine”.

It will be the largest indoor amusement Park not only in Russia but also in the world. It is expected that it will be visited by about 34-40 million people.

The first quarter of 2018

Member of southdirection GK “Regions” Amiran Mutsoev said that the company plans to complete work on the construction of the Park for two and a half years — to the first quarter of 2018.

Cheburashka, Buttermilk and the Smurfs

The most important feature of the children’s Park will become the national character. So, 65 per cent of its territory will be devoted to Patriotic animated characters: in the pavilion “Soyuzmultfilm” you can meet Crocodile Gena Cheburashka, Wolf and Hare from “Well, Pogodi!”, family of Buttermilk, the Snow Queen and other cartoon characters.

“It is worth to highlight the Snow Queen — in the area reserved to it, will be completely reconstructed castle with a height of 25 meters — a nearly 12-storey building. It can be photographed, there will be more rides in the sleigh,” — said Mutsoev.

The ticket price will be much cheaper than similar parks in the world — a child ticket will cost about 1300-1500 rubles instead of 5000-6000. It will include free access to all 40 rides and will not be limited in time.

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