Named the best roller coaster in the world

Perhaps the most popular attraction in the world were and still are a roller coaster, or roller coaster, as they call themselves Americans.

Indeed, what could be more exciting than a ride with great speed on the trolley, which writes out unimaginable turns, sometimes forcing to question the existence of gravity on a particular attraction? It is therefore not surprising that roller coaster so many fans around the world. And if one is enough of an attraction located in the nearby amusement Park, the other in search of thrills ready to fly thousands of miles just to ride the roller-coaster-record-breakers. Also, its kind of extreme tourism.

So what are the most popular roller coaster in the world?

And their theme is the United States. It was there in 1884 built the first roller coaster. It is therefore not surprising that the creators of a roller coaster trying to outdo each other, creating the highest, fastest and longest rides.

We have made our ranking of the fastest, highest and longest roller coaster in the world .

Attraction Kingda-Ka . located at Six Flags Great Adventure . state of new Jersey, not for nothing was nicknamed the “terror machine”. Trolley with screaming passengers off here to a height of 139 metres and plunging down at the speed of 296 km/h by the Way, this slide is the first not only in height but in speed, which develops truck. So Kingda-Ka is a double champion among roller coasters in the world.

We should also say that the giant tower of these hills has a 90-degree ascent and descent. Is that enough passengers have experienced the full range of feelings, to describe which words cannot.

Hill Top Thrill Dragster at the time of its opening in 2003, it was considered the highest and fastest in the world. But with the advent of Kingda-Ka was pushed to second place. However, the level of adrenaline, which is experienced by the passengers of this 128-meter-high giant, a place in the ranking is not affected. They scream, I’m afraid, but get their portion of pleasure from breakneck speed and steep turns. Is Top Thrill Dragster in Cedar Point Park, Ohio.

The Australian Tower of Terror lives up to its name (“Tower of terror”). Using linear synchronous motors slide propels the cars around the track in the form of the letter L, slows the movement at the height of 115 meters and passengers a feeling of free floating. Importantly, stronger to grab the handrails.

Slide Dodonpa . located in a Japanese amusement Park Fuji-Q Highland, speeds from 0 to 172 km/h in just two seconds thanks to the pneumatic actuators. In addition, it boasts a steep descent from the tower at 52 m at an angle of 90°. Ride this ride lasts only 55 seconds, which for especially impressionable passengers will seem an eternity.

In the same Japan, but in the amusement Park Nagashima Spa Land is the longest (2480 m) roller coaster in the world. Steel Dragon 2000, though not so fast as Dodonpa or Kingda-Ka, but the route length and travel time are compensated with a “low” speed. 4 minutes at speed of 152 km/h — the journey is clearly not for the faint of heart.

Park Lightwater Valley in the UK can boast of slide Ultimate . which offers the longest trip in the world. 5 minutes, 36 seconds of rapid ascents and descents on the canvas with a length of 2270 meters — what else you need true lover of roller coasters?

In the US the longest slide is a beast (“Beast”), located in the Park Kings Island . Ohio. The length of this attraction – 2240 meters, and the speed, which is developing the trolley is 104 km/h. Particularly epinephrine passengers adds the fact that hill — wood.

In the same Park and is Son of Beast (“Son of Beast”), all ratings are always immediately follows the “Pope”, but the speed of his superior. With a length of 2140 meters trolley this attraction with a speed of 126 km/h.

Making a rating of the best roller coasters, not to mention the famous Millennium Force (Ohio), length of 2010 meters, the height of 94 meters, and speed — 150 km/h. Despite the fact that there are slides faster, higher and longer, that Millennium Force is one of the favorite attractions among fans thrills all over the world. Is the case when the attraction exceeds its specifications.

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