Park Asterix in Paris

Copy at home of the American amusement parks – it is certainly profitable, but the French decided that they can create no less interesting, full of national flavor Park that could greatly surpass the famous Disneyland.

And thirty kilometers from the brilliant Paris was built a huge entertainment Park, which became the heroes of popular comics, cartoons and movies − the national heroes of France Asterix and Obelix. The Park is introducing its visitors to the ancient culture of the Gauls, the fantastic atmosphere of the Olympic gods, the warlike Romans and fearless Vikings.

The structure of the Park and its most impressive attractions

Parc Asterix is split into five themed zones, in which are built thirty different rides and attractions, and most of them – water. There are slides for brave people, and there is entertainment designed for toddlers.

The Gaulish village

Great on its territory area is in the village, which visitors could see in the popular cartoon about the adventures of Asterix and Obelix. “The vastness of Gaul,” can be viewed on Trans’Arverne train that is slowly chugging along, making their way along the green hills and passing through winding slopes.

For samanmali visitors here built attraction the Big Splash. Track this entertainment is laid around the rock and it begins with a river where guests will discover a large number of various water effects. But the most exciting adventure awaits visitors of the attraction when they are in a small trailer gets to the peak of the mountain on which sits the Asterix, and from the spot height of rush down.

In the Gallic village you can walk through the forest of the druids, to drink a magic potion and even join in a “bloody” battle with the soldiers of Rome. In this area of the Park Asterix built a large theater and the circus, all major holidays are held in the Gaulish village. Dolphins can be viewed during the brightest performances on the water stage. Food lovers and walk through the shops in this thematic area is, where carousing. Fast food outlets offering delights of Parisian eateries, shops selling all sorts of sweets and of course the restaurant, where you can join the delicious taste of Gallic cuisine. And from shops selling fun Souvenirs, visitors will be dazzled.

Ancient Greece

The most interesting attraction in this thematic area is the biggest in Europe wooden hill “Thunder of Zeus”. The height of the hill thirty meters and the descent from it is effected at speed of 80 km/h Under the laughter of the terrible thunder of the visitors overcome the incredible complexity of the track with dual spirals, descents, liftings and air turns.

From the insane speeds you can relax in the beautiful dolphinariums, called “the Theatre of Poseidon”. Here you can not only see great performances of dolphins, but to swim with dolphins in the large pool. To eat after the “water treatment” visitors to the Park Asterix can at the tavern of Dionysus and experience incredible delicious hot sandwich.

The Roman Empire

In this part of the Park Asterix, visitors can fully enjoy themselves in the position of assistant Caesar, because it offers skiing on a personal chariot, participation in theatrical presentation, to spy on the Gauls, which is carried out with a five-meter height and stay in the castle ruler. The attraction of Caesar includes a greeting from the rostrum of Caesar, after which visitors can enjoy a colorful journey with 3D effects.

The most popular attraction in the Roman Empire is recognized as “Romus and Rapids” − the descent of the tubing, which is carried out with bends on a scenic river.

The Vikings

Here guests are greeted by several interesting attractions, among which the most popular is a huge galley, flying through the celestial waves of the ship, swinging to the side at 90 degrees.

But to have a lasting impression on the attraction “Goudurix” and height of 36 meters, the slope of this roller coaster is carried out at a speed of 75 km/h loop of the ride takes place above the beautiful lake – beautiful and scary!

Medieval France

The ancient fortress, fountains, benches and painted carousel meet here at the hotel. In the castle “live” monsters and ghosts, is in Medieval France, the cave of the dragon, on the main square are exciting presentation where you can see trained bears, birds of prey and snakes.

The main attraction of this themed area of the Park Asterix is a descent down a wild river on an inflatable boat. Is called the attraction “Oxygenium”, which has a height of 70 meters.

Prices and time

From April to June the Park is open from ten am to six PM, and from June to October the Asterix Park closes at seven o’clock in the evening.

For adults the ticket price is 39 euros, children 29 euros. When purchasing tickets, the number of visits to attractions is not limited.

How to get to Parc Asterix

Get to the Park by metro, you need to go to the station of Roissy CDG1. Near this metro station is the bus station, from which every thirty minutes goes to the Park the bus “Quai A3 / Parc Asterix”. Bus tickets cost 20 euros. If you go by car, then you need to move on the highway A1, direction Lille.

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