Park Tatilya


Turkey — a real Paradise for tourists. This country attracts the beauty of nature, clean sea waters, magnificent beaches, a mild Mediterranean climate, excellent opportunities for entertainment. At numerous resorts in Turkey are open, the excellent hotels, restaurants, cafes in the national style. Here you can see a large number of unique historical monuments of different eras.

The resort area

Antalya — the capital of the Turkish Riviera, has a great entertainment industry, including several water parks. and a huge number of hotels, fine restaurants and cozy coffee houses in traditional Turkish style.

Kemer is a small resort town that is famous for its great variety of landscapes. wonderful mi sandy-pebble mi AMI beach and crystal clear sea th M. Kemer — it’s a real Paradise for lovers of scuba diving.

Belek is located between the Taurus mountains and the Mediterranean sea. It is ideal for lovers of sport and active recreation.

Side is an ancient city, where plenty of historical attractions combined with the beauty of nature.

Alanya is a popular resort with well-developed infrastructure of services and entertainment. Alanya is the centre of the resort area, stretching wide strip from Carborundum Mahmutlar.

Marmaris is one of the most famous resorts of the Aegean coast, it is great for those who want to combine a beach holiday with excursions to the ancient sights.

Fethiye — located on the shore of a picturesque Bay, this resort was created for those seeking privacy and tranquility.


The climate of Turkey is subtropical Mediterranean with hot summers and mild winters. The hottest time for a holiday in Turkey, in July—August. The average temperature is +28 °C. the coldest months are January and February, +10 °C. Bathing season on the coast begins in April and continues until the end of October.

What to see

Istanbul is a city rich of history. Among its main attractions — the Cathedral of St. atoi Sofia (Hagia Sophia). with Ulanski Topkapi Palace. m OST across the Bosphorus. amusement Park Tatilya.

Ankara — capital of Turkey. Especially noteworthy is the historical centre of the city is the old fortress of AK Kale.

Izmir is the largest city of the Aegean coast. Here were preserved the unique monuments of ancient times.

Miletus was an ancient Greek city. Its ruins are on the Aegean sea is remarkable, first of all, the theatre built in the 4th century BC.

The köprülü canyon national Park. where there is the opportunity for mountain climbing, horse riding and rafting.

Troy is one of the most famous historical attractions of Turkey, the legendary city immortalized by Homer.

Side — in this ancient city remains of the ancient amphitheatre, the temple of Fortune. the Roman baths, the necropolis and the aqueduct. as well as a statue of the Emperor Vespasian.

Kyuchyukada Kalesi, a medieval Genoa fortress located on the island of Guvercin.

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