Park “Yurkin Park”

Announcement: the opening of a theme Park “Yurkin Park”

Not every city can boast the presence of dinopark. It so happened that now in the Kirov region they will be just two. In 2012, the dinosaur Park was opened in Kotel’nich and immediately became a recognizable feature of the region. And on December 11 of this year, close to Poroshino, in the village of Talitsa, will open another — “Yura Park.”

New dinopark, apparently, will be a worthy competitor to its older relative. According to the organizers, the protagonist will be inquisitive boy Yuri, in whose honor and named the amusement Park. He will meet and accompany the guests who will be able to look at 40 different dinosaur figures from predatory Tyrannosaurus Rex and a flying Pteranodon stegosaurus to herbivores and aquatic plesiosaur. Also in the Park are fossils and dinosaur eggs. In General, the Park delights visitors with its interactivity: from one of the eggs will hatch young, and all the pieces the raptors will be moving. In addition, for children will take place excursions and story assignments. Young archaeologists to undertake excavations of the fossils in the large sandbox or watch fragments of the films about the life of prehistoric dinosaurs.

In addition to the tours, the children will enjoy and a large number of attrakcionov, playgrounds and ice slides. On the rides,by the way, it will be interesting to ride and adults: the organizers promise to set the carousel with 360 degrees rotation and a bungee which you can use to cross from one pond to another.

In the Park area you can go fishing on the lake, and then prepare caught fish in the restaurant ballroom. Also one of the most interesting parts of the amusement Park will be a musical skating rink: according to the organizers, to take a rented skates and ride along the dinosaur figures, anyone can. Provided and a separate children’s rink. For lovers with the wind roll down from the slope on the “cheesecake” workers holiday Park will host a special hill. And enough to roll, you can eat in the grill restaurant, or drink some hot tea with biscuits in the shape of dinosaurs.

Despite the fact that the Park is positioning itself primarily as an entertainment facility for children, as evidenced by the presence of a school group visits with various sightseeing programs, and the possibility of conducting a child’s birthday in the Park will do and adults. 2016 will be held in “Objective Park” under the motto “Adults are the same children”, so the ticket price is 300 rubles for children and adults. And until February 12, the organizers plan to distribute through large businesses, organizations and shopping centers, about 50 thousand free baby invitations. It is planned that the leisure Park will be open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 20:00. To visit it will be starting from December 12 .

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