Rope Park for children

The Olympic Park opened Rope Park for children and adults “Mishkin Park”

In this Park You can experience unreal emotions, high energy and positive, as well as to try yourself as a novice climber. Come in, “Mishkin Park.” to remember happy moments of childhood! Remember how in the childhood You liked to overcome obstacles, climb trees or build FORTS right there? Over the years You can easily remember these lovely moments. Different difficulty levels allow to test themselves to people of different physical preparation – from the kids to their boring parents.

Our fleet consists of two routes:

Forest trail – route a length of 36 meters for children and adolescents, is located at a height of 1.5 meters and consists of 5 obstacles: rope bridge, vertical net, bridge barrels, side swing, zigzag bridge.

Mountain trail – route length of 53 meters for adolescents and adults, is located at a height of 3.5 meters and consists of 6 obstacles: inclined bridge tick-tock, straight swing, snowboarding, vines, bridge Islands, the trolls.

We created the Park to ensure that everyone could get pleasure from each minute of his life, to test their strength, to feel the extreme, to organize team competitions and have fun.

An important advantage of the Rope Park is an absolute security, which is guaranteed by the continuous application of the European insurance, professionalintegrity trainers and competent arrangement of the elements of the track. Your security consists of the following elements: instruction from experienced instructors, the safety equipment, a continuous line of insurance with a double level of strength. All designs are designed by professionals and are absolutely safe for visitors.

To visit it requires only your desire. Don’t need special training or expensive equipment — wear sport clothes, comfortable Hiking shoes and come join us. “Mishkin Park” is right next to the educational center “Sirius” on the yellow path from the hotel “Bogatyr” to the sea.

Time the Park with 10 to 18 daily.

And this Sunday November 22 in honor of the city of Sochi and in honor of the opening of our Park will be a celebration with prizes and gifts. Anyone will be able this day to visit the Park absolutely free!

Welcome to an adventure rope Park “Mishkin Park”.

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