From July 2014, in Sochi, in the area of the Trout farm started a whole complex of extreme entertainment AJ Hackett Sochi Skypark (Skypark Hey Jay Hackett Sochi). The montage of attractions the Park was carried out under the strict control of new Zealander A. J. Hackett-founder of bungee jumping. Hackett is more than 28 years ago decided to jump headfirst and made a big business. Only in the world at the moment there are 8 such sites in Germany, France, China, Australia and Singapore, but according to AJ, “in Sochi the most advanced place in terms of a set of activities and technologies. It’s the best we’ve done.” From extreme entertainment is planned very much.

Skybridge – a giant bridge over the gorge. It is the world’s largest pedestrian suspension bridge with a length of 439 meters. Jumping Bungy – jumping with elastic rope from a special platform located at a height of 69 and 207 meters. MegaTroll – flight across the gorge on a specially stretched the rope across the gorge at a speed of 150 km/h. This is the fastest Troll in the world. Sochi Swing tall swing with a shoulder height of 170m. The highest swing in the world! Rope Park – a set of rope structures at a height of several meters above the ground.

The Park is still under construction, but already now it is possible to walk samosamnina pedestrian bridge in the world and to jump with BUNGY 69 m. All other rides will start as available and complete the testing procedure. At the beginning of October – BUNGY 207, in the second half of October SochiSwing. AJ is very serious about the safety of jumping – replacement of rubber rope for bungee jumping is performed after production 1/3 of its resource. Maintains a log that records each dive and the weight of the jumper to determine the period of replacement of the rope. Plus in addition to traditional fastening around the ankle, used duplicating attachment for a belt. The complex will employ about 40 instructors of jumps and the first few years to control them are foreign experts.

An unforgettable adventure for people of all ages. Russian-new Zealand project. The longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world — 439 M. Design with 3 years construction 2 years. The construction of the bridge went 740 tons of metal and 2,000 cubic meters of concrete. A specially designed viewing platform to monitor all high-rise attractions of the Park. Restaurant, bar and an amphitheater in the Park. Free Parking in the Park. SkyPark AJ Hackett Sochi!

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