The 6 most terrible and dangerous attractions in the world

The attraction, built in Japan and having a height approximately 14-storey building

Why do adults go to amusement parks? Of course, with the adrenaline. After all, he makes us stronger, more active, with the help of it we can easily deal with any of life’s adversities.

In turn, the entertainment industry never ceases to amaze us. So why not just invented for thrill-seekers. in order to make them feel the taste of freedom, fear and surprise.

Felt breath beginning to ride a scary attraction? Even tickles something in my stomach…

Well, just imagine: a Rocket. You sit on the seat, which is attached along it. And sharply the car starts to lift you to a height of 329 meters at a speed of 70 km/h. Scary? And now the most interesting: the unit with you, of course, coming down as if pulled away from the fasteners. Yes with the same speed… Ugh…

You still don’t faint? Then we present you the six most scariest rides in the world.

“Tower of terror”, Australia.

The attraction opened in 1997, managed to scare 8 million people. Rolling out of the tunnel and 7 seconds get to the top of a vertical tower with a maximum speed of 161 km/h.

On top of the 35 metre long bassioni hang for a moment, and then in horror fall down.

Like a roller coaster, but different from the other rides its own unique length. In addition, due to the fact that in Japan there are frequent earthquakes, this unit still uneasy.

But even if we do not take elements into account that monster has definitely earned its place in our rating.

Also a roller coaster, but with the “bells and whistles”.

The fact that in addition to the UPS and downs rolling around in their seats can turn 360 degrees! Can you imagine? Horror…

The name speaks for itself. Different from the rest of his companions high. In General, to spin the unit over a 300-meter abyss, and quite quickly.

Well, of course, the passengers all this time sitting face down in an open, stress, seat. Sensations inexpressible!

Trailer “X-Scream”, USA

The world’s highest swing. The principle works like this: short rail strongly tilts the cart quickly accelerates and rushes into the abyss, over the edge of the 350-meter tower.

And it seems that she’s just about to break and fall. Let’s hope that the braking system is her iron!

This horror lives in St. Petersburg. Consists of three huge columns, which are attached to metal cables. In tension of the cables one of the capsules rapidly flies upwards and then falls down up to a full stop. Not of the heart, and attraction.

In addition, during the flight, the capsule flips around its axis, which gives a more spicy flavor trip.

Well, hunters adrenaline? Not been to one of these rides? And they are, moreover, waiting for you!

In General, he who doesn’t risk never gets to drink champagne. And know the phrase: “the winner is the one who is not afraid to take risks.” It works!

Well, if you still do not decide themselves to ride such monsters – remove the camera on your friends and send it to us. We quickly make them global stars!

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