The amusement Park “Gardaland”

In the Northern part of Italy, on the shores of picturesque lake Garda is the country’s largest amusement Park “Gardaland”. This is one of the most popular parks in Europe: thanks to its extremely strategic location it attracts tourists not only by the various attractions, but also indescribable beauty of nature. We recommend you to come here for a few days and after visiting the Park to enjoy an excursion in the surroundings of lake Garda. The beauty of these places will not leave you indifferent.

“Gardaland” is located at the same distance from Milan and Venice, you can reach it by train, buying a ticket to the station of Peschiera del Garda, from which every half hour to the Park by a free Shuttle bus. There are bus tours to the Park from Verona, Bergamo, Brescia and Vicenza. Get to the Park independently, riding on the highway A4 Torino-Trieste and follow the signs. Be careful – turn to the “Gardaland” on the highway made a rather dodgy road junction.

The territory of the Park “Gardaland”

The Park is one of the biggest in Europe and on its territory you can easily get lost – it is recommended to take an illustrated map of the Park, which will help save time and don’t pass up interesting attractions. The Park is divided into several tematicheskii age zones marked on the map in different colors.

Zone Fantasy (blue color)

In this area you can find entertainment for the youngest visitors, where they will meet favorite cartoon characters and clowns. Every day is held a colorful show for children from three years. The rides are mostly represented by riding the trains through the Park, a variety of slides, swings and playgrounds. In this zone, all arranged in such a way as to ensure maximum safety of the young guests of the Park.

Area Adventure (green)

It rides for older children and adults will not get bored here Fascinating trip in the car and boat carefully recreated themed areas, recreating the atmosphere of the turbulent Colorado river, a mysterious and magical Atlantis, the jungles of South America and Europe since the glacial period. That’s exactly what famous “Gardaland”, every year hundreds of thousands of tourists come to the Park in order to visit these attractions. These routes operates an age restriction, usually 10 years.

Area Adrenaline (red)

Here you can find entertainment for teenagers and adults. We do not recommend you big lunch before visiting these attractions, also is not superfluous to empty your pockets of all belongings and leave them in special lockers at the entrance. You are waiting for the breakneck speed and the loops on the roller coaster Oblivion and Blue Tornado, indescribable feeling rapid free fall rides Raptor and the Space Vertigo, your sense of balance and a sense of reality to be subjected to a severe test when visiting the Magic House. Visit this area of the Park guarantees you a surge of adrenaline and getting bright emotions. You can refuse the attraction of this zone, if your under the height of 150-155 cm

The cost of visiting the Park

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