The amusement Park “Liseberg”

Advantages: the Diversity, the beautiful Park

Disadvantages: the Queue ends quickly day

To this Park I was in Tivoli (Copenhagen, Denmark) during the Christmas fair. In December it is cold – not to drive, and here I was at the opening of the summer season, during Easter in April.

To get to the Park you need to pay an entrance fee of 100 SEK. Or free with card from city card. To ride possible to buy additional tickets for any rides or buy a wristband Annual Pass (225 CZK) which enables the whole day to ride any attraction that I did. The price for each depends on the number of coupons – 1 to 4. Baby for example 1 coupon, and the adrenaline 3-4 coupon. So how was the opening attraction was a queue and sometimes not be seen for what you are. I tried to go everywhere, since you had the chance. Often had to remove their shoes in order not to lose it. Around the Park, beautiful flower beds, waterfalls. There are hand prints of famous people. Even has its own walk of fame with stars.

First tried the SCREAMIN’ SWING. Such huge swings, that starts to swing harder and higher, as much spirit catches.

Roller coaster BALDER, one of the biggest wood in the world. A maximum speed of 90 km/h, are connected to 70 degrees.But I was not particularly impressed.

The Park has several varieties of slides. Classic Ferris wheel FERRIS WHEEL. View from the top, but few thrills.

Attraction FLUMERIDE. Into the groove sit three and rushing through the water at a speed of 60 km/h. Pros – speed revolutions. Minus – then the whole clothes are wet.

UPPSKJUTET is a free fall. Go to the shop up, and then abruptly down. Cool. Similar rides in the Park several.

Attraction HANGHAI perhaps I liked the best. This is a mega adrenaline rush. Curved arc of the rail and it drives the platform rotates around its axis. The feeling that you’re here now fall.

Still managed to ride the bumper cars. But big swing is more relaxing entertainment such as tyre lottery. The ATMOSFEAR ride was the longest queue and I left it for dessert. It is the highest building with a free flight from a height of 116 meters at a speed of 100 km/h in 3 seconds) due to the end of the Park I never have time to ride. And now the scary. In the Park you can eat in the restaurant or fast food with the traditional cotton candy.

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