The best amusement parks in Germany

Who said amusement parks are interesting only to kids? Believe me, the adults just as well come to the delight of steep roller coaster and even animators dressed in costumes of fairytale characters. So it’s safe to say that the amusement Park is the best place for the whole family. In Germany. perhaps the biggest concentration of theme parks in Europe. We present to your attention the top seven German theme parks .

Not far from Strasbourg . almost on the border between Germany and France. is the largest German amusement Park – Europa-Park. There are more than 100 rides and attractions, located in 13 thematic areas, each associated with a specific European country – Germany, France, Greece, Russia, Spain, Iceland and others. In each zone-Europe Park, you can taste national dishes or to purchase the Souvenirs.

Roller coasters, water rides, carousels and go-karting can all be found in the popular Hyde Park. This Park is located in the town of Soltau . located between Hamburg and Hannover . Here you will find more than fifty attractions! Lovers of romance is recommended to visit “the world of primitive people”, a notorious thrill-seekers will be to the liking big roller coaster. In Hyde Park is the biggest in Europe wooden rollacoster .

If you’re near Cologne. be sure to visit the amusement Park Fantasy land. This is a real fairy-tale world, composed of 6 regions: Africa, Mexico, China town, Berlin, and countries of the Fantasies and the Mysteries.

The world’s first Legoland was opened in the Danish city of Billund, but the Legoland German started relatively recently – in 2002. The Park is located near Ulm and Augsburg, günzburg . The German Legoland area equal to the area of 26 football stadiums. In a giant amusement Park you will find many world famous buildings, but rather copies of them, reduced in 20 times and is made of bricks of LEGO . It took as many as 55 million items!

In Northern Germany, Lubeck is located near the Hansa-Park. Theme Park is situated on the Baltic sea, so it is not surprising that the entertainment here is mostly related to water. Hansa-Park is divided into 11 zones and the number of rides is off the charts – here they 125!

Theme Park that bears not the most simple name, is the most popular amusement Park in Bavaria . There are more than hundreds of spectacular rides, and the highlight of the Park – the Safari-land . With a 90-foot observation tower affords a magnificent view of Steigerwald forest .

Can you imagine the tropics, located 60 kilometers from Berlin . If not, go to the water Park “Tropical Islands”. where you will find not only the jungle but also the architecture of Borneo, Bali, Samoa and Thailand. In this water Park has prepared for you a serious challenge – the biggest in Germany a 27-metre high water ride.

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