The Disneyland Park in Paris

No child in the world who does not dream to get into the story. In Paris to touch the magic very easily. It is enough to visit the Park Disneyland Paris, located thirty two kilometers from the capital. Parks Disneyland Paris is an exact copy of the American counterpart. Live here embodied in the reality of the favorite characters of disney cartoons.

In the composition of the Disneyland Paris parks

Disneyland Park;

Studio Waltdisney.

To get around the Park in one day, and during that time to participate in all the things is simply unrealistic, as only fifty-Disneyland theme located in the five thematic sectors. To fully enjoy the trip, you need to go to the land of the animations early in the morning and focus on the theme of one of the parks.

When to go and how to get

The best time to explore magical Disneyland is a weekday in spring or autumn. At this time a small queue, even on the most popular rides. In the summer the number of people wishing to touch the magical world of Disney increases dramatically, which increases the number of minutes-hours spent in the queue. Hot weather in the summer and not have to travel, as high temperature air to majestatis on health and mood. In winter, the Park is also open, but the trip can dampen the wind and rain.

To get to the amusement Park, you can take car or taxi. But if you refuse these options, then you can take the subway, get on the red line to the stop “Disneyland”.

How legendary Park

In the center is the magical Castle of Sleeping Beauty, hence the scatter paths to the thematic sectors in which live all your favorite heroes:

main street USA;

Fantasy land;

The Country Of The Wild West;

Country adventures;

Country Discoveries.

Main street USA

By purchasing a ticket, all guests enter on main street. The facades are decorated in the likeness of a real American town of the early 20th century. On the street there are no rides, but waiting for their clients with numerous cafes, restaurants and of course shops with Souvenirs. Here, strolling disney characters and spectacular parades are cartoon characters. There is a locomotive in other lands.

Country Fantasy

For housing Sleeping Beauty is a country for kids. All children in full delight from flying with the young Peter pan, big-eared Dumbo, Alice’s labyrinth, a magical carousel and a little scary dragon’s cave.

Here is one of the most beloved attractions at Disneyland – “it’s a small world”. The participants sit in the boat and fall into the inner room of the building, where more than three hundred dolls dressed in the clothing of his nationality, simultaneously sing in their native language the same song.

The Country Of The Wild West

Turn left relative to the entrance, you can find yourself in the era of the first American settlers. This country is the huge in a Disney Park, its design was used, the style of the Wild American West of the 19th century: cobbled streets, stone houses, wooden buildings, Indian villages.

Here flows an artificial river, and the Wharf are the steamers and keel ships that safely sail the river. Park guests can even take a trip on the cargo ship of the era of the first settlers.

In the top five most popular entertainment attraction is the “Big Thunder Mountain” (BigThunderMountain). Here on an old train tourists in total darkness through the long tunnel under the river fall on the Big Island of Thunder, they are waiting for the thrill of the new of the old tunnels and no long unnecessary mines mine.


Right over the land of the Wild West hid the next country in which visitors are in for an amazing adventure on the most fun rides. Here you can look at the home of Robinson Crusoe, once you get on the bridge using the crown of the tree, zip to the mining caravans at high speed Indiana Jones or being a real villain on Board a pirate ship.

Country Discoveries

The right to enter a Country of Discoveries that similar in the future, invented by science fiction writer J. Verne. A Central place on this earth is extremely extreme sport called “Space Mountain: Mission 2” (SpaceMountain Mission 2). Here travellers can catch a train and head to the moon, knocking on your way comets and asteroids.

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