The Park “Disneyland Paris” 

The European Disneyland opened in France in 1992 and is located just 32 kilometers East of Paris being an exact likeness of the Disneyland in the United States. No man in the world who has not heard of Disneyland Park in Paris.

The Park offers a huge range of attractions, amazing places, parades heroes of fairy tales and cartoons for children of all ages.

The Park is so large and diverse that there will be fun and interesting for all visitors, both adults and children.

“Disneyland Park” is divided into five entertainment areas, grouped around the Sleeping beauty castle, the symbol of Disneyland. Each of the 5 parts of the Park represents the world of your favorite heroes and stories from different eras.

Your journey begins with the Central and largest part of the Park.

“Main Street” (“Main street”)

The main road is “Main street U. S. A” . made in the American style of the late XIX and early XX century leads from the main entrance to the center of the Park – Sleeping Beauty castle.

This is one of the most fun and spectacular parts of the Park – a “Main street U. S. A” parade Disney, which is attended by all the characters of Disney cartoons, without exception.

Here you can enjoy the atmosphere of old America, riding on a horse-drawn tram (Horse-Drawnstreetcars) or car (Main Street Vehicles) in vintage style.

On this street there are almost no rides, but many restaurants, cafes and souvenir shops. There is a railway station in Paris Disneyland, here run fabulous trains, on which you can drive around all five zones of the Park.

Making a pleasant walk on the fabulous trains, you can move to the next thematic part of the Park “Fantasyland” .

“Fantasyland” (“fantasy”)

This part of the Park for the little ones.

Here the youngest guests of the Disneyland expects a flight to the elephant Jumbo . comic theatrical performance of Pinocchio . carousel the bravest knight Lancelot and many other exciting rides.

Certainly take back their kids. The maze of Alice in Wonderland . flying with Peter pan . the cave of the dragon and fairy merry-go-round will lead them into a real delight.

Mysterious East and daring adventures in the company of the pirate Captain hook and Indiana Jones – main theme Park is “Adventureland” .

If you want to feel like a fearless cowboy or a leader of a tribe of Indians, you do it here.

“Adventureland” (“adventures”)

Here you will be invited to visit the colorful gallery of Aladdin and Jasmine . in the tunnel, as well as the castle itself Aladdin – one of the most beautiful gems of the Disneyland in France.

3 rope bridge will lead to the lair of pirates Island adventure where you will be able to join them in battle and to try the image of Captain hook .

A fascinating boat trip on the river of the underground city, where on the way you meet a sinister skeletons, bloodthirsty pirates, great treasures, all very sudden and scary.

By the way, this attraction inspired the famous Walt Disney Studios to shoot the famous movie “pirates of the Caribbean” .

But the main attraction of this part of Disneyland Paris – tree of Robinson . with a wooden hut at the top.

In this sector, “Disneyland Park” a lot of cafes and restaurants, the most attractive of them are the self-service restaurant “Hakuna Matata”, performed in an African style, and “Blue Lagoon”, located inside the pavilion “pirates of Caribbean” and offers a number of seafood dishes.

“Discoveryland” (“world of discoveries”)

Here you will be able to make intergalactic travel, to go to the moon from a cannon, take a ride on “time Machine” . to reach the stars and get hit by a meteor shower. On the submarine of captain Nemo of the legendary visitors to explore the mysterious depths of the ocean, and after – to take an extreme ride on sports cars in various colors and configurations.

Here is a very popular and most extreme attraction “Space Mountain: Mission 2” . The dizzying speed of 70 km per hour, overload and buffeting you provided. If you want to ride, hold on!

There you can watch a half-hour musical “The Legend of the Lion King” (“the Legend of the king the lion”), set in 2005.

“The course for the future – a look into the past” is the main slogan of the most exotic discoveries in the next part of Disneyland Paris.

“Frontierland” (“a Country of discoverers”)

Every visitor to this part of Disneyland will plunge into the atmosphere of the life of cowboys in the Wild West, the era of the birth of America. The main attractions here are the roller coaster “Big thunder mountain” and “haunted House”.

On the grandiose “Big Thunder Mountain” (“Big thunder mountain”) you will make expressive and crazy trip that will be remembered for a lifetime. You can also ride on very huge hot air balloon in the world, designed for 30 passengers, which rises to 100 meters above the ground and opens the view in a radius of 20 km.

The main big entertainment of this sector, and perhaps the entire Park – “House of 1000 Ghosts” . located on the highest hill, which allows to finally solve the mystery of the old castle.

In addition, you will receive great pleasure from a fantastic movie with great stereo sound and holographic effects, “Honey, I’m scared of the audience” in the magic cinema “Cine Magique”.

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