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In the US you can always find something to do, especially interesting amusement Parks. Unique for its entertainment. You are offered the most interesting with them:

UNIVERSAL STUDIOS IN CALIFORNIA Universal Studios – was one of the first studios of Hollywood, which is one of the most popular, it is also very exciting and also one of the most popular amusement parks where you can see how movies and various programs for television, as well as participate in the shooting of the film and to Record shot film the gift. Familiarity with the Studio starts with a sightseeing tour on a small bus. Here you can see the secrets of many mind-blowing tricks of popular action films and how they are made, watch this very interesting. Zahvatyvayuschee spectacle of the Park – the movie “Terminator” – half-hour spectacular show with stereoscopic effects and a variety of robots. In addition, the Park has lots of amusement in the style of the popular movie “Back to the future”, “Jurassic Park”, “Shrek”. The Park is open every day from 10 a.m. entrance will cost from 70 to $ 250 (vip ticket that allows queue to go on any rides, is more expensive).

Walt Disney World in Florida, Disneyland in Florida is the first Park of the famous animator Walt Disney, which was opened in the distant 1955 godov Orlando. This Park is the best Park of entertainment for children and the whole family of such, his daily poedaet a huge number of people. The Park has different themed zones, these zones were opened more than 60 rides and attractions, every day there are performances and various show-programs. Among all the attractions and themed areas stand out: “the Palace Cinderella,” “Main street of America” (imitation American town of the nineteenth century, with cobbled streets and old lanterns, locomotive depot and railway), the “Land of Indians and cowboys” house, which is located on 600 tree branches, Tomorrowland and many more. But the most impressive and spectacular – themed area in Magic Kingdom: parade on Main street, which is attended by the characters of Walt Disney cartoons – Mickey mouse, Pluto, Donald duck Duck and others. The varied attractions offered to participate in the village feast, go on an exciting journey with Mowgli or Tarzan in the jungle or see with your own eyes privedeny a variety of ghosts and vampires in an old abandoned castle. At the end of a perfect day finds a beautiful fireworks. In Disney-MGM Studios you can “fall” in the Elevator from the 13th floor of the famous “Tower of Terror”, as well as see and talk to beauty and the Beast, snow white, or take part in adventures with Indiana Jones. The Park is open year-round hours depend on the season. The ticket price is about $ 90.

Six Flags in Illinois Six Flags is the biggest Park in the world with a network of other parks in the US, for example, the number of such parks 21 Park they have in Europe. The most popular is Park in Illinois, where fans of extreme sports are waiting for about 70 slides, including a 10 – for adults only. Most popular – The Dark Knight (Dark knight), Superman, and Raging Bull (“Raging bull”). When you buy a ticket online you save up to $ 20 a ticket at the entrance will cost $ 60.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg in Virginia Park in Williamsburg lubimi theme Park Americans, only because of its perfect and unsurpassed design and theme which nowhere else no ones divided into 10 different parts, each part altivore any European country from Ireland to Iceland. The most extreme and cool hill – Griffon. The Park is open from April to October, before the season, the administration usually satisfied with the special promotion, so for example, you can purchase two tickets for the price of one.

Sea World Park is the largest Park of marine animals in the United States, where such representatives of the ocean where no see. In this ustraivaut a variety show with walruses, whales, penguins, you can also visit very interesting and exciting show “Monsters of the deep” (dolphins, stingrays, penguins, killer whales, walruses, fur seals, Pacific Kapan, manatees, poisonous fish, electric eels, sharks). In the Park there are numerous rides with fun names: “White shark”, “Steel eel” and the like. “Highlight” of the Park is “a helicopter Flight over the Arctic” that will delight lovers of thrills. Park visitors can see seals, California sea lions, poisonous fish, barracudas, rays, sharks, forty-two bottlenose dolphins,flamingos, American brown pelicans, seven orcas (the infamous orca Tilikum, born in 1981, and by the way she killed 3 people, 4 Beluga whales, 4 walrus, and 2 polar bears 5 korotkoplodnyh grind, 250 penguins etc.

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